How to Install

IMGP0155 [320x200].JPG

With the pedal separated from the base, use the x mm allen wrench and the 10 mm wrench to remove the large bolt that holds the bottom of the spring holder. Save the nut and bolt.

IMGP0154 [320x200].JPG

Using the x mm allen wrench, remove the two screws holding the top of the spring holder.

IMGP0157 [320x200].JPG

Save the brass bushing as well as the screws for this also.

IMGP0158 [320x200].JPG

We are now ready to install the G25 Load Sensor Mod.

IMGP0163 [320x200].JPG

Slide the large bolt through the hole and into the mod. Then replace the nut and tighten.

IMGP0164 [320x200].JPG

Slide the brass bushing through the top of the mod.

IMGP0165 [320x200].JPG

Align the top with the holes in the pedal and install the allen screws.


The assembly is now ready to be installed back into the G25 base.

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